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. . . rediscovering Jacques Barzun

Part I: Books by JB

Part I:  Books by Jacques Barzun

Currently under construction – March 2012.  When completed, each of the titles listed will be linked to another page which will provide more details for that item.

The works in Parts I–V are generally books.  Many have their own indexes.  It is unlikely that I will expend much time tagging these items.  Because Barzun’s books are more readily available, my first efforts will go into the essays, articles, and speeches of Parts VI A (Education), VI B (History & Biography), and VI C (Cultural Criticism).

The items below are in reverse chronological order.  Barzun’s more recent works appear at the top of the list.  There are over 130 items in this section of the bibliographic database, and that number will increase when I eventually get around to tracking down all the translations of books Barzun has written.  (Barzun’s translations of others’ works are listed separately in Part III.)

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Responses welcomed. Courtesy appreciated.

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