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Part VI A: Teaching & Learning

Part VI A: Teaching & Learning (Education)

Currently under construction – Last addition 16 March 2012.  When completed, each of the titles listed will be linked to another page which will provide more details for that item.

The entries below appear in reverse chronological order.  Barzun’s more recent articles and speeches appear at the top of the list.  There are well over 200 items in this section of his bibliography.  Clicking on any linked article or book in this list leads to the more detailed page for that item.  (The items for which I do not hold copies appear without being linked.)

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“The Advantages of Inconsistency”; a lecture delivered before The Foundations Group, Ford Foundation, New York, 28 September 1961.

“Irrelevant Maturity” by “L. O. McDuff” [pseudonym of Jacques Barzun], The Columbia Varsity, volume VIII [8], number 2 (December 1926), pages 12–13.

Textbooks and Tediousness“, The Columbia Varsity, volume VIII [8], number 1 (October 1926), pages 11–12.

Responses welcomed. Courtesy appreciated.

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